Project #2: Pressure Sensor Switch Cat Helmet

Blog Posts Fall 2019

For the second project, I used paper mache techniques and a balloon to make a makeshift cat helmet that triggers an LED light on and off when pressure is applied. I used code and tutorial that was based around the original Arduino pressure sensor tutorial, modified on Makerguides and written by Benne de Bakker.

Materials: 1:1 ratio of wood glue and water, newspaper, cardboard, black duct tape, Arduino, breadboard, green LED, 100K resistor, pressure sensor, hookup wires, electrical tape

The helmet and a very chaotic room/workspace
Set up on the breadboard

I inflated a balloon until it matched the size of my sister’s head and soaked strips of newspaper in a one to one wood glue and water mixture. I then wrapped each piece around the balloon and waited a day for the cast to dry. Afterwards, I popped the balloon and cut the mold in half so it formed the shape of a helmet. The green LED (long leg) was connected to power through the resistor shown, while the shorter leg was connected to pin 2 on the Arduino. One leg of the sensor was connected to power, while the other to A0 on the Arduino. Power was connected via hookup wire to 5V, and GND to…GND.

LED being triggered and turned off

Github code:

Link to code source:

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